Disadvantages of Learning Online

Posted on September 5, 2015 in Online Learning Online Learning Courses

There are always three sides to every story, yours, mine and what really happened.

The biggest benefits of taking an online learning course is convenience, excellent trainer to student ratio and safe and comfortable self paced learning. However, there is a dark side to online learning. What are the disadvanatages of taking an online learning course?

The Disadvanatages of Online Learning Courses

Students think online learning courses are a ‘burden’ 

Educating yourself is a big commitment, and whether education occurs online or on campus is really irrelevant. Students may be unprepared for the time and resources required to complete an online course.

Students don’t make good use of their time

Online courses are associated with flexibility – for example, students are able to take an online course in the middle of the night or break off a class halfway and go elsewhere. However, this benefit of online learning is also its detriment.

Students feel isolated. This slows down learning, and stops them from studying.

Students who felt the presence of the trainer and other students were more positive about their learning outcomes. They reported that they were better at learning, more motivated to learn, and more satisfied with the teaching of the online course.

Students are unable to handle the technology of online learning

Students need to manage computer files and learning software. Those who do not have basic computer skills, slow internet or are using an old computer are most likely to encounter problems. These students process less information, suffer memory loss and are more stressed, frustrated and confused!